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Alternative Energy Resources at Home

from: Forsgrens

You may not realize it but, your home and most homes in all parts of the world might be ran by electricity coming from electric companies that use the same kind of gas used by your cars. This opens the questions: "how long will it last?" and "Isn't it that the supply of gas is limited and might exhaust in years time?"

With these two questions, you might arise in another one that goes this way: "Are there any other sources of energy that would not require to consume gas and could save a lot of money?"

The answer is: There are.

There are several ways on how minimize the demand on fuel consumption just to light up your chandeliers, run your washing machines, and heat your swimming pool. These are called alternative energy.

Alternative energy may come in different forms. It can be from fuel cells, geothermal, wind power, biomass, hydroelectric, solar, wave energy, and tidal energy. But wait a minute here, you might ask, "how can all these or at least one of these fit to your house?"

As a clarification, you need not worry about making a dam inside your home or setting up wind turbines on atop your roof or creating an ocean to produce tidal energy. Just to make sure we are on the right track here, we have to identify alternative energy resources that can be put up to your house.

Alternative energy resources (home made)

Reducing the cost of your monthly electric bill can be a headache. However, there are ways to reduce its cost- by maximizing the use of power around you. Using the solar energy can be a great way to do that. This is applicable if you live on sunny regions of the country. If not, then try other forms. To tap the sun's energy, you can opt to put up solar panels on your roof. These solar panels would be able to run some of your appliance. On some houses, solar panels are used to heat swimming pools. This would eliminate the use of other devices that can consume great amount of electricity.

Geothermal power can also be tapped to save extra bucks on your monthly electric bill. On cold places or during winter season, houses need to be warm. Some use heaters to keep the house on the right temperature. But this would entitle you to consume electricity. Instead, use geothermal energy directly on your house. The heat from the earth can be directed inside the house. Devices are available to tap the heat underneath your house.

On rural areas, especially on farmlands, water is the best source of energy. Houses are built along the river or near areas where water flows. Water mills are used to generate power. Also, in these areas, windmills are another feasible form of alternative energy resource. Wind drives windmills to store energy that can be used on household appliance.

For urban areas, there are commercially available wind turbines that can be installed anywhere outside your home. It will produce the same effect like that of the windmill but in a smaller scale.

Here are some of the alternative means to create your own energy source at home. Although at first, you might invest some of your money on it, long term would bring much savings freedom on big electric bills and would finally free you from further expenses.


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