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Alternative Energy Companies: Discovering The Future of Industry

from: Forsgrens

Interest in alternative energy companies has been increasing in the last few years.

Why do you think it is so?

Fact 1: Fossil fuels cause lots of pollution.

Fact 2: Alternative energy companies discover "clean" energy that causes virtually no harmful effects to the environment.

Fact 3: Nuclear technology, though very productive has proven to be very dangerous and highly unstable.

Fact 4: Alternative energy companies develop technologies that harness the raw power of nature and make use of it to provide the lifeblood of industry.

Fact 5: Fossil Fuels are starting to be diminished.

Fact 6: Alternative energy companies use sources that are quickly renewed by processes of nature.

Fact 7: In conventional power companies, the profits may peak at a supply shortage, but it's all downhill after that.

Fact 8: Alternative energy companies can only keep on growing as long as technology keeps being discovered.

The way most people see it, alternative energy companies are the inheritors of the future.

Now, it may seem that the oil barons are among the richest people of the world.

But we have realized the importance of technological growth.

Like Microsoft, we have discovered that in order to advance to a new age, changes must be made.

We must throw out the old, inefficient methods and innovate.

Technology is the key to the future.

Alternative energy companies discover that technology.

And people are willing to pay for those kinds of discoveries.

Especially in the future, when fossil fuels cost too high, alternative energy companies will reap the benefits of being the suppliers of technology needed to fuel industry.

Alternative energy companies continually improve the chances of the earth's survival and growth.

For the way things are working right now, we both survive and stop growing or grow and then die out.

The very instrument of our growth poisons the earth we are living on.

But Alternative energy companies showed us the heart of the paradox: We don't need to choose between survival and growth because we can have both.

If only we had paid more attention to nature, we might have discovered and improved methods to harness alternative energy.

But using capitalism, alternative energy companies focus their resources, trying to make up for precious time already lost.

Alternative energy companies use the money and resources of many people trying to do in a short time what each individual would take decades to accomplish alone.

They are, in a sense, a bundle of sticks united.

Alternative energy companies not only use the resources to discover, but also to promote.

After all, what good is a discovery if it is unused?

Alternative energy companies inform people of the benefits of their technologies and persuade people to switch to a better way.

So what if they make a lot of cash in the process?


Alternative energy companies try to make people see the error of using conventional energy production methods.

And then, alternative energy companies show the "alternative" way.

They give them the answer in the paradox mentioned above.

Because, when in a storm, the more you move away from the eye, the stronger the wind gets. But if you stay within the eye, try to find an answer in the contradiction that you are in a safe place in middle of the storm, you will be safe.


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