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Alternative Energy: Is it Worth the Investments

from: Forsgrens

Oil prices are going nowhere but up and the world market has continuously witnessing the record-breaking heights of oil prices. Added to that, the dispute in oil is still very much alive as it was during the 90's and might not end in our lifetime. In fact, it might not end at all. With the way things are going, oil prices may not go down. It may not even achieve the price stability we wish.

Now, with oil prices outrageously going higher and higher, several ventures have been taking place in order to tap other resources that are environment friendly, clean, and most importantly cheap. Alternative energy is moving strong and showing big hopes to minimize the demands for oil at the same time preserve the environment for future generation.

For clarification, alternative energy already exists long before we discovered that the supply of oil might run out but not until recently that this is taken seriously.

Alternative energy investments are pouring in to support this promising industry. There are risks involve of course, but would it be better to support a promising star than an old but more popular one? Okay, you might ask: Is it worth to invest on alternative energy?

The United States has not yet fully embraced the value of alternative energy. Until now, most of energy consumptions use to power houses and businesses come mainly from petroleum. The second largest energy source is natural gas followed by coal and nuclear energy. Only a portion of the total usage is covered by alternative energy considering that there are several forms of it.

The problem now is: Is there any demand to put up such big investments? Most of the existing power plants today use petroleum, natural gas, coal, or nuclear energy to produce electricity. And these are sufficient enough to provide power to major cities. However, power demands may increase in year�s time as population grows. At the same time, these known resources are fastly exhausting. The environment is also greatly affected with these energy sources. Soon, what we have today may not sustain us any longer.

Thus, there is a great need to find several means to produce power. Alternative energy is the best place to seek for shelter.

There are also several advantages when alternative energy is used. First, it uses natural energy inherent on earth so it is clean and safe. If does not produce harmful gases like petroleum. Once an alternative energy plant is built, power is virtually free. Or, if there is a need to use power, it will readily come to the power these plants produce.

However, like any other investments, placing your money on alternative energy would mean several risks. First, it is new and it may not be successful in the end. Although it is clean and safe, there is a great possibility that in the end, it may end up harming the environment. And, this multi-billion dollar industry has not yet proven its worth and has not yet established itself to be the best alternative to fuel. Until now, fuel is still the most efficient mean to power the world.

Yes, it is true that there are pros and cons, but the real point is, if there is a need to come up with an alternative, the alternative energy may still be a good investment after all.


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