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Alternative Energy Homes: The Future of Living

from: Forsgrens

When people are asked the question "what kind of mail do you hate the most?" chances are, they will answer bills.

I bet you would too.

Bills for electricity and gas seem to drain your pockets with their ever-increasing costs.

But hey, they are necessary.

Otherwise you will have no electricity and heat.

The two things that make a modern house habitable do have high prices.

But what if you didn't have to pay bills for electricity and heat.

That is precisely what alternative energy homes do.

Alternative energy homes make use of current technology to provide you with free electricity and heat.

How do alternative energy homes do this, exactly?

Well, alternative energy homes convert power from different natural processes into electricity and heating.

Alternative energy homes make use of sunlight, wind and biomass fuel to power their energy needs.

Here are some types of technology used in alternative energy homes:

Solar power: This is used for either heat or electricity in alternative energy homes.

In using solar power for electricity, photovoltaic cells are attached to the top of alternative energy homes to convert sunlight directly into electricity. In modern alternative energy homes, the technology is so advanced that only about 20% of solar energy is wasted.

Amazing, right?

Batteries then store the electricity, powering alternative energy homes even during the night.

In order to heat a home, however, an alternative energy home must be specially designed to maximize the sun's power.

Solar collectors act as one wall of an alternative energy home. The heat from the sun is then stored in special collectors.

These systems are very effective. Some have even shown the capability to heat alternative energy homes in the middle of winter!

Some alternative energy homes also use the sun's heat to turn water into steam that runs turbines. The turbines then run generators, which produce electricity for the entire alternative energy home!

Wind power: The windmill has gone a long way from just being used to process grain.

Alternative energy homes use windmill-type devices to power turbines.

A few years ago, this method was inefficient in electricity production and was considered a hazard to migrating birds.

But with new innovations in design and technology, windmills maximize even the smallest breeze to produce power.

And changes in blade design made alternative energy homes´┐Ż windmills safe for migrating avian.

But what if there's no wind?

Well, like solar-powered alternative energy homes, batteries are also used to store unused electricity. So even if there is no wind, you can still have electricity.

Plus, you don't have to worry about brownouts because alternative energy homes powered by these technologies do not need connections to power companies.

You only need to invest in the right technology for your alternative energy homes and you'll be free of those nasty bills.

Which is what you are after, right?

We all want to save more money, and alternative energy homes are big ways to do it.

Think of buying an alternative energy home as an investment, not an expense.

Because that's what it is: an investment for you, and for the earth.

Since necessity breeds production, the necessity for energy of conventional homes causes the pollution ridden production methods of today.

But if more alternative energy homes are built and used, then those methods will no longer be necessary.

Many people would, in the future, turn to alternative energy homes.

So why not do it now?


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