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Oil vs. Alternative Energy: Which is Really Better?

from: Forsgrens

To most, the battle of Oil vs. Alternative energy has an obvious winner: Alternative energy.

Or did you answer Oil?

After all, oil still is the main resource used to produce energy.

Even though you may argue that oil is damaging to the environment, it still is, together with fossil fuels, the leading resources in the production of energy.

In the fight of Oil vs. Alternative energy, there is no doubt that Oil is the heavyweight.

But even giants must, one day, fall.

The cost that Oil exacts from the earth may one day prove to be too much, and Oil vs. Alternative energy will be won by alternative energy. The days of Oil-based energy production are nearing an end. The battle of Oil vs. Alternative energy is about to be decided.

We can conclude this by observing the continuously rising prices of oil-based fuel.

Fossil fuels, such as oil need a lot of time to form. But alternative energy is mostly renewable, quickly replaced by natural processes.

So it may only take some time to decide between Oil vs. Alternative energy.

The technology for development of alternative energy, however, is still in its early stages. We do not yet have the capability to fully harness the potential of alternative energy sources.

But in Oil vs. Alternative energy, more and more people are now rooting for alternative energy. This may be due to the fact that we now realize the environmental impacts of using fossil fuel. The threat of the greenhouse effect used to be a thing to ignore, but now the nightmare is showing itself to be very real. This is partly because constant media exposure made us observe the changes in our world a bit closer. We now see that the little effects of pollution, when put together, make a pretty big disaster.

Climate changes are one thing: But who would have thought that so many people will die from natural disasters in such a short time as the past few years? Still, others turn to alternative energy because of the price. Oil is beginning to cost more and more. New pockets of oil are beginning to be rare, so prices won't get lower anytime soon.

Oil is beginning to look very bad in the fight of Oil vs. Alternative energy.

Alternative energy, on the other hand, does not cause pollution. It is earth-friendly and provides energy nearly equal that of Oil. Take geothermal and Hydropower for example, these two types of alternative energy are now being used by countries as major sources of power. The raw power of Mother Nature may be dangerous, but given the right methods, that power can be very useful.

It's looking good for Alternative energy in the fight between Oil vs. Alternative energy.

There's no halting the progress of alternative energy. The industry has been growing like crazy and use of alternative energy has continually grown over the years. As it is cheap and there�s virtually no supply limit, people see huge money-making potential in alternative energy.

In the fight of Oil vs. Alternative energy, Oil may be the heavy-hitter, but it lacks the endurance to survive the fight. Alternative energy may be getting a few hits in, but those hits only get faster and stronger all the time. And soon, in the battle between Oil vs. Alternative energy, Oil will be knocked out.

It is inevitable.


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