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Self Sufficient Alternative Energy: The Only Option for the Future

from: Forsgrens

During our time, we have each experienced and observed the importance of energy to our civilization.

In fact, energy is what our current civilization is centered upon. We need it to run our technology.

It is what separates us from the Stone Age.

But our current method of energy production has proved costly.

The fossil fuels we use are slowly poisoning the world we live in, killing the very civilization we hope to strengthen.

Another disadvantage of using fossil fuel is that the supply is limited. Even now, the reality of its limits is showing itself through ever-increasing prices.

That, in essence, drove men to discover self-sufficient alternative energy.

After all, need does drive innovation.

When we needed a better answer to our energy needs, we came up with the idea of self-sufficient alternative energy.

What is self-sufficient alternative energy?

Self-sufficient alternative energy is a type of energy that is virtually unlimited.

This is due to the fact that the sources of self-sufficient alternative energy are constantly replaced by natural processes.

Although fossil fuels are also replaced by the natural processes of the earth, it takes time, a lot of it.

However, the sources of self-sufficient alternative energy are replaced incomparably quickly.

Furthermore, the natural processes that drive self-sufficient alternative energy, is self-sufficient.

Where nuclear power and fossil fuels need special processes to transform them into energy, self-sufficient alternative energy needs only to be harnessed using technology.

The raw power of self-sufficient alternative energy is enough to drive industry.

There are also the environmental advantages of self-sufficient alternative energy.

Self-sufficient alternative energy does not produce any pollution. Unlike fossil fuels, the processes that drive self sufficient alternative energy, does not create byproducts that destroy nature.

They are, after all, created by nature itself.

Is it not funny that Nature itself provided us with the means to protect itself?

We are now beginning to realize that Nature is the source of self-sufficient alternative energy, and that we don't need to destroy it to fuel our civilization.
We don't really need to create chaos to bring order.
Self sufficient alternative energy is powered by nature itself; wind, sun, water, decay, heat, and pressure.

We learned that these provide the power necessary to drive generators that provide energy.

We have discovered ways to create clean-burning fuel out of the byproducts of natural biological processes.

Isn't self-sufficient alternative energy great?

We only need the right technology, and with time, we can find it.

Some people, however, seem to try and stop the progress of self-sufficient alternative energy.

These people are the ones that profit from the business of fossil fuels.

They do everything in their power to limit the funding and resources for the discovery of self-sufficient alternative energy.

Take the water-fueled engine, it has already been discovered, but governments often do not want to fund inventions like this because it threatens the security of oil trade.

And we know that self sufficient alternative energy would threaten that great oil trade even more.

However, some people see the potential of self-sufficient alternative energy.

They realize that, sooner or later, we have to run out of oil and coal.

But the wind, sun, and oceans will still be there; providing self sufficient alternative energy for our needs.

If we indeed wish to have a future, then self-sufficient alternative energy is the only way to go.

Unless, of course, someone actually discovers cold fusion.


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