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What are the Types of Alternative Energy?

from: Forsgrens

Alternative energy is a form of energy produced with minimal or no risk to the environment

Here are some types of Alternative energy:

A) Renewable energy; this type of alternative energy cannot be depleted. Its sources are constantly giving off energy to be harnessed.

Thus, this type of alternative energy is constantly renewed by natural processes.

Unlike fossil fuels like coal or oil, the processes that produce alternative energy sources are quick. For example, where coal needs some millions of years to form, the wind is constantly blowing through the land.

This type of alternative energy is favorable because renewable energy may be the only option for the future, when all other energy sources are depleted.

1) Wind energy; this type of alternative energy makes use of turbines that are run by the wind. These wind turbines are connected to generators that produce power.

Latest developments in turbines allow this type of alternative energy to be more cost-effective and efficient.

An early form of harnessing wind energy is through windmills. Basically, the turbines for this type of alternative energy work on the same principles.

2) Solar Energy; this is probably the best-known type of alternative energy. Nowadays, you see this type of alternative energy being used to power everything from small calculators to whole houses.

This type of alternative energy makes use of photovoltaic cells to convert solar energy into electricity. The cells don't produce any pollution, so it's good for the environment.

Another way to harness this type of alternative energy is by using the power of the sun as a heater, directing it to water in order to produce steam. The steam is the used to run a set of turbines connected to a generator.

This technique is used in solar power generators in California and to heat houses in Australia.

This type of alternative energy is probably the only feasible option for houses in areas unreachable by wires.

3) Ocean power: This type of alternative energy is still in the early stages of its development.

Much progress has been made on this type of alternative energy, and trials are now being conducted on its usage worldwide.

This type of alternative energy is expected to be one of the most reliable since the timing of ocean activity is already understood.

4) Hydro-power:This type of alternative energy is clean, but is limited by its location. Already, it has risen to the level of being one of the most important sources of energy.

However, some problems of hydro type of alternative energy do exist. They range from marine life to the unpredictability of weather.

5) Geothermal energy: This type of alternative energy makes use of the earth's internal heat to generate electricity.

In using geothermal energy, steam from vents is harnessed to run turbines. These turbines, in turn, run generators which produce electricity.

6) Biomass energy: This type of alternative energy is produced from natural biological processes. It uses biological sources to create various types of fuel.

Here are some of those types:

a) Methane; is produced from the decomposition of biological matter. Common sources of this include dumpsites, landfills, and sewage. It provides virtually free fuel.

Furthermore, it's better for the earth to harness this gas than release it into the air.

b) Ethanol: This type of alternative energy fuel is made from agricultural products like cereals, and different types of cellulose such as wood chips and stalks.

c) Bio-diesel: This fuel is made from different plant oils. It is mostly experimented and produced by private individuals although its commercialization potential is being explored.

This type of alternative energy fuel is effective and cleaner than petroleum-based fuel.

So here are the types of alternative energy. As you can see, we have lots of options to choose from, and all of them are cost-effective and earth-friendly.

So why stick to what's conventional? Choose alternative.


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