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Short History on Vintage Chevy Trucks

from: Forsgrens

Are you interested in any vintage truck from Chevrolet? It has been around for almost a century now so it is not impossible that these hardworking All-American trucks are of wide selection. The passion many Americans have for big, powerful pick up trucks are understandable, they are rugged, versatile, huge, strong and greatly embodies the many wondrous outdoors America has to offer.

Chevrolet joined the business horizon of selling trucks by the end of the First World War, in 1918. Instantly, Chevy became a success in manufacturing and selling trucks. These trucks’ most distinctive feature is its front, which is heavily-accented with grilles with horizontal and vertical bars. Fenders were also adorned with headlights and housings. Most of these trucks had curved exteriors. Their descendants, however, would need less curves and more straight-edged exteriors.

In the first half of 1940’s, a series of Chevrolet trucks appeared as pick-ups such as Chevrolet AK, BK, CK, DP 3100, AL, BL, CL, DR-3600, and etcetera. After the Second World War, General Motors was able to pioneer the first post-war trucks by 1947. During the eight subsequent years, new models were larger, stronger, smoother, with more space, with comfier and adjustable seats, and larger, inclined windshields.

By the second half of the 1950’s, chevy trucks have become more elongated than their ancestors. Extreme curves their predecessors had have been extensively trimmed down.

By the 60’s, most of the Chevy trucks have become smaller. Mostly were used for pick-up purposes.

Chevrolet El Camino, a car-based pick-up truck, first came in 1959, vanished a year later due to losses and decreased sales. This came out once again after four years, became a success and multiplied into five generations within two decades. In Mexico, however, it is known as Chevrolet Conquistador. Lastly, it holds the distinction of being a truck that looks like a car.

Meanwhile, Chevrolet C/K is another pick-up truck that first appeared in 1962 and was dethroned by Chevrolet Silverado in the late 90’s. Versions varied from ‘fleetside’ to ‘stepside,’ which were called by different names by General Motors as ‘wideside and ‘fenderside,’ respectively. Engines also varied according to volume and energy capacity. Volume ranges from around four to seven and a half liters and energy capacity from 125 horsepower to 160 horsepower. Changes and revisions occurred in later years such as the addition of coil-spring front suspension.

After the trend to go small in the 60’s, the 1970’s Chevrolet trucks have become typically larger.

K5 Blazer is a pick-up truck that first came out in the market by 1969 as a short wheelbase truck. Models came in different versions that later changed from time to time with every other succeeding model. Engines used were the 250 straight-6, 292 straight-6, 307 V8, and the 350 V8. General Motors Company purposely created the truck to vie with International Harvester Scout and Ford Bronco, both of which had similar characteristics. The Chevrolet Tahoe is its new version nowadays.

Chevrolet LUV (acronym for Light Utility Vehicle), the first Isuzu truck merchandised in United States, began selling in 1972. It utilized a conventional truck carcass and bears a leaf spring or live axle rear suspension. It had a six feet truck bed and an almost three-meter wheelbase. A single power plant exists which has a volume of almost two liters and almost sixty kilowatts. Several changes occurred in the following years until Chevrolet S-10 replaced it a decade after its debut.

Collecting vintage trucks may be difficult. Searching extensively and buying it is the first step. But then, a restoration process is needed to bring back the truck’s old glory. Restoration, however, would further entail costs and expenses. Looking for correct parts might also be an additional burden. Changing the engine with a higher-performance one is a big boost in restoration.

However, other options are available like chopping vintage trucks and utilizing those different parts for other usage or repainting and redecorating them with modern designs.

Lastly, what is it with an old chevy truck, anyway? It may be an antique, a certified collector’s item, per se. But do you have to suffer the onerous ways of maintaining it? Still, if it makes you happy, why not undergo the consequences just for the sake of a good aftertaste?


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