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Proper Care of Chevy Trucks

from: Forsgrens

You may notice some rust, corrosion, discoloration and crack paints in the body of your car and wonder what caused it. Worse, if you hear something unusual inside the engine that troubles you and yet you are not sure what it is. Not to mention the unexpected stops while you are traveling due to engine malfunctions. These are signs that you are driving an old car or maybe just doing nothing to take care for it.

One factor that affects the life of your Chevy is the climate. Places like the United States have four seasons, and simply mean that your car is subjected to four weather adjustments in one year. Summers has a different effect to the car and so does winter and other seasons. During summer, car engines would double the heat and lower the engine performance. Too much heat in the engine is not beneficial to the car as a whole. Summer heat may also cause the interior furnishes to deteriorate. Other seasons may have different effects on the car but whatever it is, it just simply affects the truck itself.

Minor accidents due to careless driving may also affect your cars status. The scratches that may be left in your cars body are another expense on your part. Engine care is not just about regular check up but also proper driving.

Here are the things to know to properly care for your Chevy:

Engine Care

• Regularly check your Chevy’s engine. Check every valve, hose and connections. It is also necessary to have a regular check up on an auto shop. Leaks are indication that your Chevy truck’s engine have holes or is not tightly closed. Be sure to check everything in a daily basis. This does not just lengthen your truck’s life but also putting you away from any accident.

• While driving, avoid sudden breaks and quick accelerations. This may cause your truck’s engine gears to break. Make such moves only when necessary, doing these will also save you fuel. Most of the engines suck up more fuels during breaks and accelerations.

• Have a regular tune up and change oil. This the most basic way of caring for the engine.

Truck Body

• Always wash your Chevy. You may bring it to a car wash or you may do the washing all by yourself. Remove any dirt or soot that you may see underneath the truck. Dirt is one cause of metal corrosion.

• Every after a wash, apply a wax in the body of your truck. This will help your car paint resist any effects that may be given by rains and intense heat of the sun.

• Buy a cover for your car. There are different covers out in the market. Covers are dependent on the climate of the place where you live.

• Always dry your car. Over exposure to water may cause your car to corrode and rust.


• Vacuum the upholstered seats in your car. If in case your car seats are covered with leather, apply a leather wax to it to maintain sheer and shine and thus resist dust.

• Always apply wax onto the dash board. It will help prevent the plastics to get brittle.

Your Chevy truck is not just a property but a treasure as well. Do every possible thing to do to preserve your truck. A little extra care would help your truck drive a little further.


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