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Concept of Transmission for your Good Old Chevy Truck

from: Forsgrens

It is all about Chevrolet. As an automobile icon, Chevroletís vehicles are all inspired by its humble beginnings. They have started in engine building and purchasing aftermarket bodies from other manufacturers. But they became popular when it first introduced the overhead valve (OHV) six-cylinder engine as substitute to the conventional OHV four-cylinder engine for their trucks. From then on, other developments are also took place in the overall structure of Chevy trucks, including its transmission mechanism.

This article will give you some basic information about the transmission used in Chevy trucks. As much as possible, the discussion will be presented on laymanís term. However, there is a need to include technical matters in the discussion. Now, continue reading and learn more about Chevy truck transmission.

Transmission- An Overview

Basically, apart from the engine, transmission is also an integral part not only of trucks but also of any other types of vehicles. It is the gear that transmits mechanical power from a prime mover (in this case, the truckís engine) in order to run the vehicle.

Although used in equipments on agriculture, industries, construction, and mining, popular use of transmission is on vehicles. Its mechanism is quite different since vehicles make use of the multiple gear ratio applications while the rest uses a single transmission mechanism.

Why is transmission needed in a vehicle? It is considered to be a consequence of the characteristics of the internal combustion engine. Generally, it operates on the range from 600 to about 6,000 rpm (revolutions per minute) while the wheels are rotating from zero to about 2,500 rpm.

Between this ranges, the engine operates at the highest torque output, while the greatest torque is needed when the car is moving from rest or traveling in a low speed. In order to supply the necessary high torque at low speed, there must be a system that will transform the engineís output and at the same time operate it at highway speeds with the motor running under its restrictions. That is what transmission is for.

There are two types of transmission: manual and automatic transmission. The former is the most common type which comes in two categories: (1) unsynchronized system where the gears are rotating freely and must be synchronized by the driver in order to avoid gear clash which can cause the damage to the transmission mechanism itself, and (2) synchronized system which automatically mesh while switching gears. The latter type uses automatic selection of gear ratio. In other words, there is no need to switch gears manually.

Chevy Truck Transmission

One of the popular transmissions installed on Chevy trucks is the T-5 transmission which is fit on old models of Chevy trucks especially on the Advanced Design model. It functions well on V8 engines, and its close ratio normally uses a 2.95 first gear. It is the stock three speed uses for the first gear in 1950s edition of Chevy trucks. There are also other ratios available for the 1985-1990 models of Chevy trucks.

Some trucks such as the Chevy S-10 makes use of a single drive gear only, and the T-5 transmission has the perfect gear for it. In addition, it also makes use of GM P/N 14071731 (or the 7 teeth drive gear) and 14077086 (the driven gear) for the gear ratio of 3.90 and average tire size of 28.8 inches. A T-5 transmission usually runs from 65 to 2,100 rpm.

Chevy truck transmission is relatively too technical to be understood by an individual with limited knowledge in automobile mechanics. The best thing to do is to work with an experienced automobile technician who can explain other aspects of Chevy truck transmission that is not covered in this article.


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