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1972 Chevy Truck: One-of-a Kind Trucking Experience

from: Forsgrens

Chevrolet’s introduction of its Task Force trucks series is considered to be one of its remarkable contributions in the trucking industry. Aside from producing pick-up trucks with large wheelbase chassis and spacious cargo box compartment, Chevy trucks at this era now used the overhead valve (OHV) V8 engine which increased its net power output and torque for carrying heavy loads of larger dimensions.

The glamorous era of Chevy trucks further stretched when Chevrolet celebrated their 50th anniversary as a truck manufacturer in 1968. El Camino, SUV Blazer, and one-ton Fleetside were produced the following year. Until then, Chevrolet’s pick-up trucks continued without noticeable appearance changes.

However, the release of 3/4-ton Longhorn in 1970 paved the way for more powerful and elegant-looking Chevy trucks. Aside from much larger wheelbase chassis and larger carrying capacity, it is now equipped with more powerful engine than the previous truck models, using the 400 V8 which has a capacity of 402 cubic-inches instead of the 396 V8 truck engine. One of the prominent pick-up truck designs produced during this era is the 1972 Chevy truck series.

1972 Chevy Truck Series- An Overview

The 1972 Chevrolet/GMC C/K series of pick-up trucks maintained their solid popularity throughout the years and eventually keeping it throughout the 90s. The series introduced big-block-powered shortbeds and the small-block-equipped versions of loaded trucks which are offered on competitive per-unit prices. It also provides two options for truck enthusiasts: (1) the best truck condition regardless of the trim level for the purpose of customizing it with modern components and other factory accessories, and (2) top-of-line models without the need for customizing yet considered to be of best condition and completeness.

The C/K designation in the 1972 Chevy truck series are used to signify either two-wheel-drive (which is the C-Series) or four-wheel-drive (which is the K-Series). Also, Chevy trucks included in this series have these designations followed by the numbers 10, 20, or 30 which identifies ½-, ¾-, or 1-ton models, respectively. For most sport truck fanatics, they prefer the Chevy C10 model trucks. On the other hand, GMC uses the same C and K designations but followed by the numbers 1500, 2500, or 3500 which corresponds to ½-, ¾-, and 1-ton models, respectively.

Fleetside versus Stepside Truck Style

The 1972 Chevy truck series are available in Fleetside or Stepside styles with either a short 61/2-foot bed or a long 8-foot bed. During 1970-1972, there are more shortbed Fleetside trucks that were manufactured than the Stepsides. In 1970, the production of Fleetsides is increasing and it continued until 1971 when the ratio of produced Fleetside to Stepside was about 3:2. The ratio further increased to 2:1.

One of the reasons of such gap is because Fleetside trucks have a higher equipment levels. That is, they can carry larger and heavier equipment and other cargo materials than the Stepside.

Buying a 1972 Chevy Truck

If you want to purchase a Chevy truck from the 1972 series, obviously you can not buy new models, especially on the C10 ones. In other words, you have to deal what is currently available. However, before buying such classic trucks, there are things that need to be considered.

• When choosing from several 1972 Chevy trucks available, always consider two important standards: condition and equipment. Rate the truck’s body condition first and the equipment level second. If the condition of the trucks you are choosing is pretty equal, choose the one which has a lot better equipment.

• Consider the truck’s completeness. If it was a big-block, air-conditioned, bucket-seat truck, it does not necessarily mean a whole lot when several items are missing.

• Get reproduction parts catalogs and make them as your reference. Use it to learn the Chevy truck parts that are being reproduced and its price cost.

Chevy truck model of 1972 only shows that age does not matter. They can be still of high demand in the trucking industry today.


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