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from: Forsgrens

When you mention the words Chevy trucks, you will probably think of huge, beautiful machines cruising down the highway. Chevrolet offers one of the best trucks in the market today.

You’re probably thinking of buying one of their new truck models. Just imagine the ability to go anywhere, even on rough roads, through rivers and even up the mountains and still you will still be comfortable driving it.

If you ask anyone what they think of Chevy trucks, they will often answer quality, powerful, comfortable. These are some of the key features that new Chevy trucks offer their clients. Chevy trucks are also known for lasting a long time. This means that even after you purchased your Chevy truck at 20 years old, your grandchildren can still enjoy driving the truck.

New Chevy truck models are now out in the market with different features and also different prices. Here is an example of the new Chevy truck model and its features available in the market today:

• Avalanche

The avalanche basically has two models the 1500 and the 2500. Exterior features have Assist steps which are optional for each model, a standard bed mat, bumpers, optional cargo cover, standard body panels, standard daytime running lamps, standard fog lamps, front bumper integrated recovery hooks, tailgate and more.

The avalanche also has high capacity air cleaner, a 105 amps alternator for 2500 models, heavy duty battery, four-wheel ABS with dynamic rear proportioning, an electronic stability control system, power steering and more.

The engine is also different from the two avalanche models. The Vortec 5300 V8 is available in 1500 models and the Vortec 8100 V8 is available in 2500 models.

Not only that new Chevrolet Avalanche offers powerful engines, but it also has safety features to protect the driver and the passengers from accidents. Here are some of the key safety features of Avalanche:

ABS – The Avalanche has ABS or antilock brake system to help you maintain control of your vehicle when steering your vehicle by preventing lock up even on hard-braking maneuvers.

StabiliTrack – This is an electronic stability control system that is incorporated as standard for all Avalanche models. This particular safety feature improves vehicle stability during emergency maneuvers such as emergency braking which can usually destabilize a vehicle.

DIC – The DIC or Driver information center is located in front of the driver. What this feature does is inform the driver of various vehicle functions such as, door ajar, fuel range, tire inflation and more. This is also a standard in all Avalanche models.

Side Impact Air Bags – This safety feature is available on all Avalanche models. This automatically inflates whenever you collide with an object at all sides of your vehicle. It helps cushion the impact and can really be helpful to protect you and your family from accidents.

These are some of the key features in the Chevrolet Avalanche. If you want to buy one, you can contact your local Chevy truck dealer in your area and he or she will be glad to answer all your questions regarding the vehicle.

Of course you need a truck that is powerful and one that can last a long time. You also need a truck that can ensure the safety of the driver and the passengers. New Chevrolet trucks offer all these features for their clients. With a new Chevy truck, you can be sure that you’ll be safe and at the same time look good when you’re driving it.


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