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The secret to hassle-free credit card application

from: Forsgrens

When you don’t have cash, sometimes owning a credit card can be a lifesaver. Professionals, businesses and even students can benefit from the ease and convenience these cards offer us.

It used to be in the old days that getting a credit card application required a lot of trouble and investigations. But with the onset of technology and today’s “instant’ culture, your biggest problem now is in choosing what credit card application to pursue.

To have your credit card application approved as quickly as possible, just follow these steps:

· The quickest way to get a credit card application is through the online method. Choose which credit card type you want.

· Shop around for the best credit card application that fits your needs.

· You can also get a credit card application through booths or the mail. But beware of credit card scams! Do a bit of research through consumer reports about a particular credit card’s rating before making your decision.

· After having your pick of the credit card type, fill in the credit card application form. You can do this in two ways: online or by downloading the application form and then sending it back through fax.

· Write down all the necessary information required from your credit card application. The more accurate it is, the faster the verification and approval process of your credit card application.

· If you are a first time credit card applicant, it may take about 24 to 48 hours before your credit card application is approved. That’s quick enough considering that it used to takes weeks before a credit card application was processed.

· If you are already a patron of a previous credit card, your credit card application will likely time just a few hours especially if you have a good credit record.

When you file for a credit card application, answer these guide questions:

· How much is the annual percentage rate? The annual percentage rate is the measure of cost of credit each year. Your credit card application should reflect the amount you have to pay for, including all other fees.

· Does your credit card allow a “grace period” for late payments? Without it, the card issuer can immediately impose a finance charge. The “grace period” must be indicated in the credit card application.

· How much is the annual fee? Aside from the membership, is your card charging you for anything else? Transparency in the billing statement and in the credit card application helps forge a good business relationship with your credit card.

Now that you’ve sent your credit card application, protect yourself from irresponsible business practices like overcharging and errors in the bill by:

· Holding on to receipts so when your bill arrives, you can reconcile the charges made to your credit card.

· Pay your account, even just the minimum requirement, on time every month so you can avoid late charges. Some applications do not specify how much the late charge fee is. It’s better to be safe than having to pay money.

· Keep a folder of all the records of your credit card – the date issued, a copy of the filled-in credit card application, the charge slips and the billing statements. You can use this information when you see anomalies on your bills.

· Get only the cards that you need and those you think you'll frequently use. It’s no use getting a card when you know you can’t use them.


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