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Check your Chase credit Card Application Status Today!

from: Forsgrens

Ok, so you’ve completed your Chase application form and sent in the required documents. Now you are in limbo as you wait foryour application to be processed. Many of these credit card issuers often allow a five to ten day waiting period to complete the application process. So until you are still within those days, you have nothing to be concerned about.

Among the many credit cards today, Chase credit cards lead the pack in innovation and great card features. Chase also has an extensive selection of credit card types which includes:

· College & University Alumni Cards

· Cards To Support Organizations

· Auto & Gas Cards

· Business Cards

· Entertainment Cards

· Retail Cards

· Military Cards

· General Purpose Cards

· Student Cards

· Rebate Cards

· Sports Cards

· Travel Cards

The Chase credit card website is one of the most interactive sites in the industry. Their best feature yet is the Chase credit card application status service. Instead of having to wait in anxiety over the Chase credit card application status, you can go over to their homepage and click on to the icon bearing the same name.

Once you’ve clicked on the site for the Chase credit card application status, three pieces of information will be asked of you to identify your account from its database:

1. Your social security number

2. The date which you applied

3. And your mother’s maiden name.

All of this information can be found in the application form that you filled out. The Chase credit card application status service then runs the detail through its system and, because of the real-time feature of the website, you’ll have an answer to your question.

You can also check your Chase credit card application status through the telephone. Just contact their office number and a Chase agent will gladly help you with your request.

There are certain reasons why your Chase credit card application status can be delayed. One of them is because the card issuer suspects fraud and is crosschecking its data with the names that are blacklisted in the credit reference agencies.

Another reason why your Chase credit card application status is delayed is because of the lack of manpower for background investigations on the side of the credit card issuer. To verify your Chase credit card application status sometimes means checking the information personally like visiting your place of work or your house.

For the Chase credit card application status, it is advisable to ask within the waiting period otherwise calling too early could give you no result. At best you will be given the, “It’s still being processed,” response by the credit card agent you’ve spoken to. When you check your Chase credit card application status, make it a point to ask for a call back to confirm if your application was approved or denied.

While some can wait for their cards on the mail, others prefer to know what to expect beforehand. That ‘s one reason why the Chase credit card application status online service is popular. Not too much human interaction, just plain old confirmation and research.

As more and more people apply for their Chase credit card, the Chase credit card application status service is getting a lot of attention. The ability to be informed about the information of our cards is important. Which is why this is one good idea that other cards issuers should follow.


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