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Red light on! Stop credit card applications before they start

from: Forsgrens

Gone are the days when you only received information that you wanted. With freedom comes the influx of marketing gimmicks and promotions designed to hook and reel in the unsuspecting customer. Credit card companies are no exception.

Despite laws against consumer protection, there are still many vultures who prey on the weak consumer, the ones who can’t say no. Here are a few tips on how you can stop credit card applications from becoming a part of your future financial burden.

1. Credit card companies send thousand of mail with “pre-approved” credit cards every year. Do not fall for this. Once you see this kind of letter in your mailbox, throw it into the trashcan.

2. “Pre-approved” doesn’t mean you already have one. Don’t feel too obligated to apply for a card. You should stop credit card applications at the foot by not responding back. Pre-approved cards still require you to fill in a confirmation form, which amazingly bears the same information as an actual application form. Stop credit card applications even before it gets you.

3. Telemarketers are everywhere offering anything from an entire volume of encyclopedia to credit cards. When they sweet-talk you on the phone, stop credit card applications by clearly expressing your refusal to avail of their card. If by the third refusal they still insist on it, stop credit card applications by gently put down the phone down.

4. One of the favorite venues for marketers is the Internet. It is a good thing that email services have a mail sorting feature and an anti-spam mode to stop credit card applications. However, you still have to sort out your email first before you can activate this service to stop credit card applications from your mailbox.

5. While surfing online, advertisers have found a way to entice consumers with the pop-up windows. Credit cards have employed this method. To stop credit card applications via pop-up windows, you can download free software that specializes in eliminating these annoying ads.

Being human, our force field can be weakened. Let’s say that you already have answered the credit card company’s application. At this point, all you can do is file a letter or make a phone call to stop credit card applications made one your part.

There is another way to stop credit card applications from these card issuers. You can call the credit bureau. These credit bureaus enable you to “opt-out” of having pre-approved credit offers. By calling their toll free number, these card issuers will stop credit card applications being sent to you for two years.

When you make the call, you’ll be asked to provide your personal information, your name, home telephone number, and Social Security number. This information is kept confidential and will only be used to process your request to stop credit card applications from being offered to you.

In addition to this, you can inform the three major credit bureaus of your refusal to share your information for promotional purposes. This is another important step to stop credit card applications in your mail. You can write your own letter to limit the amount of information that these the credit bureaus will share about you.

Resisting the offers of these credit card companies is one of the most effective ways to stop credit card applications.


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