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Choosing Capital One credit card application

from: Forsgrens

With so many credit card issuers nowadays, making a choice on which one to trust can be a headache. As the consumer, you have to be careful in selecting your credit cards. Among the best names in the credit card issuer list is Capital One.

The Capital One Group is a top credit card issuer in both the UK and United States, with more than $105.5 billion in managed loans and servicing 49 million customers worldwide. Capital One currently offers both Visa and MasterCard credit cards to its customers.

What makes getting a Capital One credit card application a wise decision?

Capital One credit card application focuses on innovation. The Capital One group believes enterpreneurism, making the Capital One credit card application for businesses a valuable asset. In 1992, the Capital One group spearheaded the campaign of the 'balance transfer' concept.

This allowed credit card holders to move their current balances to Capital One at more favorable and easier to pay interest rates. The strategy changed the entire credit card industry and helped Capital One to grow its customer base to millions, about 49 million as of 2005.

A Capital One credit card application could be the right choice for you. They have lower standard rates and excellent service to patrons. Once you get a Capital One credit card application, you can enjoy the firm’s innovative products like the Capital One No Hassle Platinum card with 6.9% APR and Identity Theft assistance.

What are the terms and conditions attached to a Capital One credit card application?

· To protect customers, a Capital One credit card application must indicate how they will handle you information. Usually, once an applicant signs the Capital One credit card application form, he or she gives the right to the company to check with fraud prevention agencies. If ever the applicant gives false information, the firm can disapprove your Capital One credit card application and can blacklist you to other credit reference agencies.

· A Capital One credit card application gives you the option to have extra cardholders or the “supplementary” card for other members of your family. You can refuse to avail of one without influencing your Capital One credit card application.

· The credit limit must be stated in your Capital One credit card application form. Read it carefully. The credit limit will depend on your credit standing and how stable your financial situation is. Also look for the finance charges and fees that the firm will be using for your card.

· The Capital One credit card application form should state how the firm is going to handle the security of your account. It should also indicate the firm’s liability (if any) for any untoward accidents like a stolen credit card. This also includes the password and personal identification number to be used by the account holder.

· The conditions of the monthly statement, monthly payment, and prepayment for the account should be indicated on the Capital One credit card application form.

· Other finance charges and fees should be disclosed in the application form for transparency. The Capital One group reserves the right to charge you for the following: late or failure to pay charge, returned payment charge, over limit charge: a charge for outstanding balance over the credit limit, returned credit card cheque charge and for administration charges, which includes special requests by the account holders like additional information (statements, etc), payments made third party hosts and to stop a credit card cheque processing.

Joining the Capital One group can be a wonderful addition to your financial status. All it takes is to fill in the Capital One credit card application form and you are on your way to becoming part of the capital One family.


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