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A guide to your Citibank credit card application

from: Forsgrens

More and more people turn to credit cards for their personal and business needs. A credit card can help ease the payment a lot of things such as appliances or groceries. One of the top ten card issuers is Citibank.

Getting a Citibank credit card application is good choice. However you must realize that a Citibank credit card application will follow the basic application process.

A Citibank credit card application requires:

You must be 18 years old and above

A completed Citibank credit card application

Valid identification card (SSS number)

Proof of employment (pay slips or latest billing statements)

Depending on your lifestyle, there are Citibank credit card application types that you will enjoy. Citibank caters to every financial need. They have Citibank credit card application for cards with no annual fee, intro purchase annual percentage rate, balance transfer offer, rewards cards, value cards, and college cards.

Their Citibank credit card application is one of the easiest. The online business transaction service is secure from hackers and identity thieves. Other card protection features include:

Fraud early warning if you think your card is being used by other people, this service can help you stop the purchases of the card.

Virtual account numbers when you get a Citibank credit card application online, Citibank gives you a different set of virtual account number for each transaction so that no one can get your real number.

Lost wallet service lose your card? Simply use this service and Citibank will issue a new card, free of charge.

Citibank Photocard this feature easily identifies you as the owner of the credit card. Plus it will be harder for card thieves to use it, should your card get stolen

New Card Activation Your card has to be activated first with a phone call. This feature ensures that your card is blocked from use should it be intercepted in the mail.

All of this precaution is important especially when you handle sensitive information for all the Citibank credit card application holders.

The Citibank credit card application itself takes only a few minutes. The Citibank credit card application form is divided into three parts:

1. Personal Information All the information gathered here at your Citibank credit card application form will be kept confidential and only used by Citibank for verification and marketing purposes. This section contains primary detail about you, home address, date of birth, etc.

2. Employment and Banking Information Information about your current employer and if you have other credit cards can be seen here.

3. Card Options This section is about the card features you would like to have: a supplementary card, the card design or what language you want your statement written in.

The Citibank credit card application form has the terms and conditions indicated. It is wise to read through it before submitting or signing anything. One good thing about Citibank is that they give full disclosure of the charges that they make on the credit card.

As you go though your Citibank credit card application form, remember to answer truthfully to what is asked of you. One problem with delayed approvals or denied applications are that the data provided was not correct. This stalls the Citibank credit card application process. Aside from that, providing false information can lead to a permanent blacklist to their group and to other possible credit card networks.


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