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Is the free credit card application center a scam?

from: Forsgrens

What person wouldnít want to have something for free? A something for nothing trade is one of the most amazing things to happen to any to any consumer.

A free credit card application center is seen as one of the effective ways to get consumerís to buy get a credit card. It is an enticing offer made to those who fall prey to the word FREE.

The free credit card application center can be seen anywhere, from inside a trade show, fairs or the mall. It can be made up of one card issuer in a booth or a cluster of issuers, all convincing people to apply for their brand of credit card.

Now this free credit card application center is not entirely a scam. There are legitimate free credit card application center that prefer to deal with the impulsive buyers seen inside the mall. Armed with flyers and brochure that also serves as the application form, many people do take a look at what they are offering.

A free credit card application center operates much like a regular credit card center. The salesperson explains the cardís benefits and urges the consumer to apply for it, free of charge.

And this is quite true. Some card issuers do charge for the card itself but at the free credit card application center, they waive payment for one or two items on the fees list. Credit card agents can offer to waive your membership fee for the first year or tell you that there is no charge for the printing of the main card or its extensions.

How is the free credit card application center able to do this? All it takes are simple marketing techniques and guts. But beware of these credit cards agents. As much as you are seduced by their attention to you, remember what you are signing up for Ė a loan. Basically, thatís what a credit card is for. You are applying for a loan, for money that you can enjoy now with your purchases but have to pay back with or without interest.

Here are ways to avoid the free credit card application center gimmick:

1. Listen carefully to the credit card agent. Do not hesitate to ask for any clarification concerning the card he or she is peddling.

2. If there are other credit card issuers, do not limit yourself to only one presentation. Inquire to as many agents as your time can allow.

3. After choosing which of the free credit card application center members you would like to get a card from, look over their the application form. You should read the terms and conditions section.

4. Ask about the privacy policy of the free credit card application center and what security features does their credit card have against fraud, identity thieves and unauthorized purchases.

5. Have the credit card agent itemize the charges and fines that they will put on your card come end of the month.

The credit cardís benefits should outweigh your charges so choose a card from the free credit card application center that gives you more in your lifestyle.

One last thing, remember that a free credit card application center is only free because it is easy sit down and answer a form but it, by no means, guarantee your account approval. That will all depend on other factors and documents necessary to process your application.


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