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The credit card application form dissected

from: Forsgrens

How many of us have looked at a credit card application form and just stared at it? All those numbers, little boxes and lines can make one dizzy. It takes an account executive to explain to us the credit card application form and by that time, we have lost the desire to get one.

Most of the information in a credit card application form is divided into four parts:

1. Personal background – the credit card application form asks for information about you like your name, address, contact information, citizenship, age, etc. This is primarily seen on the first part credit card application form.

By answering this, you are verifying that you are a real individual and not some fake identity contributing to Internet junk mail. They will also ask you for a copy of valid identification cards to verify the information you have provided in the credit card application form.

2. Credit standing assessment – this includes getting the financial background of the applicant, their liquid and capital assets. A bit of psychology is at play with the questions in this part of the credit card application form.

Some ask for the ownership of the house or other appliance. This is done to establish the lifestyle of the applicant in order for them to get an idea of what type of creditor you might be. They may also ask for certain documents attesting to your liquidity, documents such as tax returns, latest pay slips or billing statements.

3. Employment information – this part asks for your employer’s details. It only serves to confirm whether you have the ability to pay back the credit card company. All the information on the credit card application form is supposed to be kept confidential so read the form carefully.

4. Credit card options – after the formality of writing down the most relevant information on your credit card application form, you are then asked to choose what design you want on your credit card, among other benefits available to you.

The credit card application form is not so intimidating once you understand what the company is asking from you. However, what you must remember is to read the terms and conditions that is attached to the credit card application form. It is the most important part of the entire application form because it will determine whether your application will be approved or denied.

The terms and conditions is where the credit card application form takes on a legal format. Once you’ve sent your application, anything that is written there will take effect on your account. Which is why you should read it first. Items such as fixed interest on the annual fee or overcharging on fine for late payments could easily slip through your attention.

Before accomplishing the credit card application form, make sure that the credit card company you are dealing with is a reliable, stable and reputable firm. You can simple do a background check if you want to be sure. The firm’s contact information can also be found in the credit card application form.

How long will the application process take to complete? Using the online credit card application process is much faster than the traditional means. Approximately 10-15 minutes is all it takes to complete the credit card application form. But the actual processing takes 5 - 10 working days, depending on your credentials.


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