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Why There Should be Free Home Security Systems

from: Forsgrens

We have gone far since the Stone Age. We have technology that enables us to access information from anywhere at any time. We have technology that enables us to communicate over unbelievable distances at unbelievable speeds. Some people deal with amounts of money that even kings only used to dream about.

But something has not changed. We are still human beings. We still make mistakes. We still give in to temptations. We still steal. Every year, crime rates go up, and for every man that earns money there are a hundred that would, given the opportunity, steal that cash.

So what do you need? You need protection. You need security.

That security may be found on a home security system.

Most people only install home security systems after they, or someone they know get burglarized. Most of the time we think of burglaries as some unreal event, like it only happens to other people. But it does not. Even the victims themselves had no idea of the possibilities that they would be burglarized.

But what is everyone doing about this problem?

Home security systems are available, but cost cash. Sometimes having a home security system installed is so expensive that you might as well have been stolen from. That is why the government or at least someone needs to think of giving out free home security systems.

They need not be state-of-of-the-art, but free home security systems should work. Just imagine how much safer people will feel if they were given free home security systems. One factor of lost productivity in the workplace is worry. People cannot work efficiently if they are worried that their home might be burglarized.

However, those same people may not be able to afford home security systems.

But if free home security systems were, in fact, available, then they would stop worrying about their homes and concentrate on their jobs. Some workers also have children, but they leave those children at home because they need to get to work. If, for example, a burglary occurs while those children are at home, the situation becomes so much more dangerous than a simple theft would have.

If a thief is interrupted while stealing, he panics. And when a thief panics, he becomes dangerous. He may hurt anyone in his way.

But with free home security systems, people will be able to prevent this, and worse things, from happening.

But why should anyone offer free home security systems?

Well, real estate developers and agents should offer free home security systems simply because clients would more likely buy or lease a house if they feel secure in it.

A house is the one place where anyone should feel secure, and free home security systems should help put people at ease, knowing that they do not need to pay for security.

What about the government?

Free home security systems should lower the crime rate considerably, so the government would be able to save money on jails, trials, and other expenses that are part of the justice system.

Free home security systems would also make the people feel as if the government really cared about them. The feeling of security has been decreasing throughout the recent years as threats keep increasing.

The government may talk about homeland security, but what do they really do about it?

Free home security systems are important in the sense that a man may pay any price for safety, but he does not really have to, does he?


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