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ADT Home Security System- A System That Cares

from: Forsgrens

The ADT or American District Telegraph Company has been in existence for more than 120 years now. From their beginnings on telegraphic box installation in offices and homes, ADT has now emerged as a leader in electronic security systems industry worldwide.

Their first operations were focused on refining the systems by which telegraphs work. In those times, call boxes needed individual messengers to collect the messages from the homes of the subscribers. These then will be taken to the telegraph center to be transformed into telegraphs. However, messengers have multiple errands to do. This opportunity was taken advantage by the ADT Fire & Security, which later became instrumental to the birth of ADT Alarm Systems.

In time, with great efforts to overpower their contemporaries in the market, they developed methods that made ADT Fire & Security the world's primary provider of services pertaining to Electronic Security Protection. With intensive monitoring of systems they were able to capture both private and corporate markets that further optimized their reputation in the industry. Increased market recognition made them one, if not the largest, organization in the world.

In 1998, they combined with Tyco International, which quickly established ADT as the premier worldwide provider of Fire and Security Services. With 7.8 million clients in the international market, they now make an average 100 000 call outs each day to adapt to their ever-increasing sales and subscription

What's great with ADT Home Security System is that they provide the friendliness that can only be found with local companies while assuring the professionalism that comes with an international corporation such as theirs. ADT Home Security System is currently employed in more than 230 000 corporate and private properties in United States alone.

Committed only to customer satisfaction, technological innovation, service and quality, ADT Home Security System assures that their subscribers have the peace of mind from the services that American District Telegraph Company promises.

Because ADT Home Security System allows 24-hour connection to their monitoring center, you have the advantage of being protected while you're at home and while you're not. When a beak-in is signaled via a telephone line to their center, they will immediately send the message to the police station, which will respond to your need immediately.

In case of rectification of the installed system however, you need not wait for an engineer to come into your house. The monitoring center can easily detect the problem and will fix it online. Around 65% of all corrections are made in this process.

Unlike with the majority of home protection system services, ADT Home Security System makes use of an internal siren, which will signal a burglary to help deter a thief. However, it doesn't necessarily mean that the neighborhood will hear the alarm. (In most cases, neighbors are more than fed up of false alarms.) In this manner, you would no longer be relying on a loud external siren to raise the alarm for the neighborhood to come into your aid.

Thus ADT Home Security System prevents you from becoming a victim of burglary, carbon monoxide poisoning and fire. And from becoming one of every three houses who would need medical emergency this year.

Lastly, ADT Home Security System asserts that the price you paid with your home security system will be recovered in time because of the wide variety of privileges that they provide for their subscribers. In the end, your system will only pay for itself.


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