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Some Do it Yourself Home Security Systems

from: Forsgrens

We all feel the fear of someone breaking into our homes.

We know that crime rates have been steadily increasing over the years and that you do not know whom to trust nowadays.

We have seen or heard of other people getting robbed, but somehow it always seems so unreal.

However, we know that we may be the next victims of a burglary.

Night or day, we cannot be sure whether our home is safe, or whether we would come home to find all of our belongings gone.

Burglary is the least of our problems. We also constantly worry about fire. We fear going home to find our houses and all of our possessions burnt to a crisp.

However, the cost of having companies install your home security system can be very expensive. So many people are now looking for do it yourself home security systems that they can install themselves.

Well, in order to help out the poor searcher, here are a few do it yourself home security systems that you can use:

*POWERMAX: This do it yourself home security system offers wireless installation and easy configuration.

A plus to this do it yourself home security system is that the sensors are pre-programmed, so you don't have to go through that hassle.

However, each sensor you add needs to be configured to your main system.

This do it yourself home security system also includes a lot of accessories that help you check your house while on the go.

Cost: $195

*POWER5KIT from DSC: This do it yourself home security system makes it easier for people to select additional accessories. It comes with the precision of a hardwired system and the convenience of wireless ones.

The primary kit comes with an 8-zone monitoring system, but it can be expanded.

Cost: $139.50

*RWA 300-R motion detector: This do it yourself home security system detects vehicle or human movement to alert you whenever someone is approaching your home.

You can adjust this do it yourself home security system to trigger your home alarm, but the base kit emits a sound whenever it detects motion up to 1200 feet away.

Cost: $69.95

*MICROEYE surveillance camera: This digital motion camera can be integrated into your do it yourself home security system.

Motion triggers this digital camera to start capturing images or videos. The reviews for this product are good, and people seem to be extremely satisfied with it.

It is also portable, so it is not limited for do it yourself home security system use. You can put it in your car or in your pocket to record events that matter.

Cost: $225

*20700 Fingerprint wall safe: This wall safe can only be opened by a biometric scan of a programmed fingerprint.

2 handguns, jewelry, and other valuables can be kept in the main storage space, while a hidden space may accommodate ammo and small valuables.

Cost: $479

GV-BCC723 Bullet camera: This weather-resistant camera can be the perfect compliment to a do it yourself home security system.

With 20 infrared light emitting diodes, darkness is not a hindrance to this high-performance surveillance camera.

Cost: $165

MC750 Intercom: This part of a do it yourself home security system lets you screen guests before letting them in. It delivers a clear image, so you won't be fool by disguises.

You can accessorize this with additional cameras, doorbells, or additional monitors.

Cost: $465


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